Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bangin' the first one out

Finally got tired of the politics and shenanigans going on in the places that I have, until now, spent way too much of my 'free' 'net time. So here goes, um... this...

Just enjoying the segue from summer to fall that seems to have come overnight. Summer was stunning and long lasting this year (feels odd to write that--most often we complain about how short it was), due in large part to beaucoup miles ridden in self supported singletrack mode. Had the good fortune to tour with Pete, Scott, and Lee (as well as solo) several times this spring/summer season, laying mucho groundwork for future 'splorations and possibly a new uber race. A few slides here to give you an idea.

Early spring AK tour:

Late spring tour w/Pete and Scott:

Mid-Summer tour with Scott:

Late summer tour with Lee:

There are volumes that could be written from this summer's explorations alone. When time permits (think: "retirement") those words will be written.

Also managed to stick a slideshow onto the GDR main page. If you could conceive of how computer illiterate I am, you'd know what a big deal this is.

Enough for the inaugural. Enjoy the pics.


P.S. Can't see the slides? Upgrade your flash player.


  1. OOOO. I'm first.


    Thanks for already having great content in the first post. No fair being that good at HTML already.

    The opening photo is awesome, you look like Rambo.


  2. Great pics.

    Looks like your method of traversing a wilderness area is to pack the frame and carry the wheels, or was there something else going on?

  3. this is a blog that i bet a lot of people have been waiting for. i know i always look forward to your posts/content.

    nice pics, but they are all cut off in the middle for me, wierd. the left half look way better than any of the places i rode this summer.

  4. Nice start. One comment on multiple slide shows, don't have them all start automatically.

    Welcome to the world of blogging. Hopefully it proves to be much less drama.

  5. It's about time Mike! I'm, looking forward to the stories and updates.


  6. Mike, soo happy to see this from you! More pictures and more stories! Shit, sell more stuff too boot!


  7. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere MC. Added to my favorites.

  8. Outstanding, Mike. This is an idea whose time is overdue. I'll look forward to following you more closely now, from the Windy City.

  9. Great to see this blog up, I look forward to seeing your fantastic pictures and reading some great riding tales.

  10. Great content on your blog, Mike. Thanks for the link to it.