Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Of summer, photos, and fall.

The speed and chaos with which summer always steamrolls through is no longer a surprise. Embracing the chaos and riding it out seem to be the best plan, and I've gotten to where I can sometimes (~once a month at best) even slow down and catch my bearings for a brief moment before rushing off to the next good thing.

But the end of summer is always sweetest because I finally have a few moments to look through all of the pics I've snapped. A few of the trips I took this summer saw upwards of 700 pics being taken over as little as two days, and once I'm back home there's simply no time to flip through all of them before something more pressing demands my attention. This happens over and over from mid-April through early Oct, and leaves me with close to 10,000' trip images to flip through, not including stuff that I take locally.

Having all of these images to sort through is great, because usually I've already forgotten all but the most stunning moments and flipping through them allows me to relive and remember everything. The trips and rides themselves are always the focus anyway, the pics are just gravy.

Now that fall is here and the pace has slackened, I've found some time to edit a few pics. Nothing stunning, just a few good ones that remind me of the fun that was had and the memories that were made. The slideshow below catches me up to early May (!). Might have to wait a bit longer for the shots from mid-May onward.

Hope you enjoy 'em.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to rush out and enjoy the fall...



  1. between you and Ed Ellinger, you to make me sick. Sick I saw as you take sure great photos and still kick out arses during the ride.

    not fair, but then again, nothing's fair.


  2. Sweet to see you running a blog, Mike.

    Check out mine at


    and you'll see my Inbred and Sultan wearing wheels you built!

  3. Unbelievable! After all that smack talk, Mike has a blog.
    Well at least it's a good one.

  4. Stunning pictures.

    Nice to see you blogging, I'm just surprised it hadn't happened sooner :-P