Friday, November 9, 2007


Not unlike a crack dealer that understands where to place herself at various times of the day, Brad knows how to string a guy along. These shots surfaced just a minute ago and give a very big clue as to what the beast will look like.

A few smack-you-in-the-face-obvious details about this one that I'm excited about. Can ya see 'em?

What's left out of the picture is even bigger in the grand scheme of things. And there will be a rear rack, but that (and the details of the front one) will be addressed once we have a rolling chassis to work with.

Drawings are great to ponder but what really gets me amped is seeing the various bits coming off the machines. Knowing a bit about Brad, this pic tells me that a fork may be a reality before the weekend is through.

Not remotely wishing the indian summer away, just psyched to know that when winter comes I'll be prepared.



  1. Is that a dual crown fork I see?

    What really has me guessing is the little tubes running from top tube to seattube and from the top tube to the down tube.

    I could keep going...but those are the primary curiosities at this point.


  2. The small connector tubes sre for the gas storage.? Is that arch near the bottom bracket functional or is it a dimension reference? And why the replacable dropouts on the fork?

    This is really fun. Thanks for sharing the process. I am vicariously excited.


  3. Little tubes allow for gas storage in the TT without leaking through the seat and heat tubes which I imagine are sealed.

    That drawing is like a bikini. What it reveals is interesting, but what is concealed is essential.

    Curious about the two different trail numbers. Does trail change in certain snow conditions ie smoosh?

    Seeing this drawing confirms to me that I could ride any bike that you sell used:)

  4. Top, seat, and down tubes are all connected for fuel storage. Connecting them was Brad's idea (enthusiastically supported by me) of keeping overall weight down, by having only one input and one outlet. The input/outlet valves are heavy.

    The arch near the BB is the top of a 'box' that will connect the ST and DT (and BB, kinda) and also hold fuel.

    Guess I oughta get a 'no smoking within 50 feet' sign made for it...