Friday, November 23, 2007

Right on time.

After two months (!) of zero precip, clear skies, and unseasonable warmth, the winds changed, the temps dropped, and we woke here on the valley floor to light flurries this AM. But up high, things look a bit different...

Entertaining and puzzling to hear folks complain about the cold while running errands today. Why do they live here? Or, to put it another way: If they didn't want to go to Chicago, why'd they get on the train?

Enjoy the weather you have, whatever it may be.



  1. Ha ha! We were just talking about this same thing today. Why do folks whine and moan when the weather turns as if they were just dumped of a bus from Tahiti? Then there is the driving on that first winter snow, which the body shops around here just love.

    Yeah, it's amazing how some folks just don't seem to get it.

  2. The weather turned for us also. Instead of clear skies, sun and 75...we got clear skies, sun, wind and 85. Oh yeah, and Malibu is on fire again. We climbed up to about 5k feet this morning. Temps were more winter-ish up there...about 55. =)

  3. Slushy water bottles on yesterday's ride, then shorts & short sleeves today.