Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stick a fork in it.

A few non-riding posts lately, simply because I've been riding solo. The local loops are fun and scenic and challenging, but I've taken so many riderless photos of them that I just don't get motivated to whip out the camera much unless I'm riding with someone. So there you have it.

The new snowbike fork is "99.99% done". Brad sent pics last night on his way out the door to visit family over the holiday. Mighty nice of him to get those out and satiate my thirst before taking off for 5 days.

While the frame has many, many riddles left for him to solve, I get the idea that he's very relieved to have the fork sorted out. Ideas have been floating back and forth about the racks for this critter, but those will just continue to fester until we have the rolling chassis to work with.

For now, enjoy the pics.
Something blew through and dropped the temps 20 degrees last night, so at least it feels a little more fall-ish. Headed out for (another) solo ride right now, and feeling a little SS'ish...



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