Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...

I do what I can to maintain some semblance of balance in my life, but, like most people, sometimes things just happen too fast to process and I need to roll with 'em until I get that chance to come up for air. I thought that this week was going to be relatively mellow, expecting to build and ship a dozen or so wheelsets during the day, ride in the afternoons to take advantage of the indian summer, then while away the evenings with the fam. And until this AM, things were on track.

But damn if Brad didn't just throw a wrench into that.

Brad spent much of last winter thinkering, fabricating and welding (after putting in his 'normal' days at Moots) to put together an unprecedented machine for over-the-snow expedition rides. Dubbed the Snoots, you can see a few pics and a bit of explanation about it here and here.

Custom frame and fork with integral fuel cells, jewel quality (and unbelievably durable as well as feather light) front and rear racks, and not just one but two fully custom single wheel titanium trailers, also with integral fuel storage. Words cannot describe what Brad is capable of. I'm not sure even HE knows what he's capable of just yet. He is an amazing (far too weak a word) creative talent with limitless potential and a fertile imagination.

And he just dropped a bomb on me.

After last winter's trip we realized (as we always seem to) that there were a few things on the Snoots that could be improved upon. The kinds of things that you can't see or feel or understand until the beast lives and you've spent some time living with it. What am I getting at?

From start to finish, that's one of the dropouts for the new fork. As in, for the new bike...

Which makes me realize how much work there is to be done on my end (to say nothing of the mind-benders that Brad will have to solve) in preparation for it's arrival.

So much for a mellow week.

The Snoots is dead! Long live the Snoots!!



  1. Your lack of photos has left me angry. I'm thinking of banning you.

  2. Sheesh! That's some drop out for a fork. Are the legs of this fork going to hold two gallons a side to help balance weight onto both wheels or something?

    I assume that the Snoots was the bike I saw at Interbloat last year? It certainly was an amazing rig.

    The Snoots is dead indeed! Where do you park such creations when they have proven less than worthy?

    Good luck with the brainstorming!