Wednesday, December 5, 2007

December 5, 2007.

Couldn't think of a more appropos title for this post than the date. Significant mostly because I just finished up a ~3 hour singletrack session on some of the most finely compacted yet still moist dirt that I've ridden in years. Out and out grin factory.It all started when Tom called this morning. We'd planned to ride at the usual time, but he suddenly found himself feeling a little 'off'. He described it as 'anal glaucoma': "I couldn't see my ass staying at work any longer". Too damn nice out at a time of year when every ride could be the last dry-dirt ride for months. His affliction seemed worrisome and I wasn't in a risk-taking mood so I reprioritized the rest of my day too.
The pics above were shot hastily because Tom is strong and he doesn't dilly dally. I saw dozens more shots I would have liked to have taken as the shadows got longer and the light got warmer, but my glycogen was already low and playing catchup, yet again, didn't seem appetizing. So the camera stayed put and I merely enjoyed the unfolding sunset while grinding out another steep, techy climb.

Parting shot is actually a vid I took of Tom early in the ride. Several linked arcing turns on the aforementioned dry, tacky dirt.

(I highly recommend going here and watching that video in HD, full screen size.)

A guy could live like this and be happy.

Happy trails.



  1. Wow, nice video. Yet another reason to regret leaving my bike behind back in the day when I spent 3 months in Palisades.

  2. I didn't know Tom suffered from such a disability. I always look forward to your well crafted writing and photography.

  3. EP--Canon SD900 somethingerother. 10mb.

    DK--Tom has lots of problems that you don't know about.

  4. Wow, your friend is fast.

    Nice blog!