Thursday, December 13, 2007

Egads--look at the time!

I guess I'm probably not the only one crunched for time these days. Not much time available to spend here, dumping random thoughts outta my head. Which is a shame, because there's so much clutter bumping into itself inside my oblong cranium that not a whole lotta space is left for actual constructive or productive thought. I need to spend some time writing, here, in order to save some time everywhere else.



Much/most of my non-work time the last week has revolved around this:

(yes, that IS indeed a braze-on compact cage XT front der. You wanna talk rare? Beat that.)

The most astute observers will note that it is still nothing more (in the pics) than a rolling chassis. I honestly and literally haven't had a minute available to take pics of the completed bike yet. I've been out on it for a total of 6 hours and have the fit 99% fine tuned. Much, much, agonizingly much more time will be needed to figure out the gear storage and weight distribution.

Re-reading that, I realize that I just made it sound like tedious monotony. In the wrong mindset, it *can* be that way. I need to clear the mental plate a bit over the next few days so that I can approach this as the hoo-boy once-in-a-lifetime science project-slash-opportunity that it is.

I love projects and this one has taken years of thinkering to get to this point. Two short months to savor the rest of the preparatory process (read: cramming!), then it's exam time.

I can't wait--for tomorrow. February can worry about itself for now.

Snowing lightly outside at the moment. Gonna be a good weekend.




  1. That bike confounds me in so many ways I don't know where to start. OK there is one tangible question I have: the cassette on the front wheel is for...?

    Betcha can't wait for the holidays to be past so you can put more focus on yer toys. So how is it waking to that 7 year old boy xmas feeling everyday? :)

  2. So the front and rear wheels are swappable DH, usually for if the freehub bodies freeze. Also to carry less spare spoke lengths. What else did I miss MC?

    Are those 165 hubs F&R and the 100mm rims? Thanks for throwing up the pictures. I'm sure I'll spend most of the morning drooling at my desk looking for cool clues to all the little yet important details. At least I got out at 4am for some snow riding of my own...

  3. Very, very cool to see it take shape.

    MC, are those the 80mm wide rims that Vicious was showing at Interbike?

    If so, how much did larger is your EndoMorph footprint with those rims that with Large Marge's?

    How easy/difficult is tire mounting/removal on those rims you are using compared to the Large Marge's?

    Are the rims heavier than Large Marge's? If so I'm assuming that you believe the greater floatation is worth the potential weight gain?

    Thanks and enjoy your weekend.

  4. Do you think the 100mm wide rims will allow you to run the Endos at a higher pressure and therefore preserve the sidewalls a bit? It seems as if running low psi on the Large Marge will destroy the sidewall pretty quick.

  5. holy cow that thing is cool mike... very nice my friend. talk about evolution of the species, that thing is on a whole 'nother level. beautiful. jason told me that i'd be wowed when i saw it, and he wasn't lying.


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