Thursday, December 6, 2007


World Clock.

One of my high school teachers loved to say (re: stats) that you could make 'em say anything you wanted. I think you'd have to be the king of spin to get much positive out of the numbers on the link above.

The only stat I saw that was remotely uplifting: Bike/car production ratio.

I guess there's some hope.

On the lighter side, just finished lacing my second 100mm wide wheel for the new Moots. Snowfall/road conditions dependent, I hope to pick up the frame/fork and 'old' 100mm wheel in Steamboat sometime tomorrow. With a bit of luck I'll be riding it this weekend.




  1. The world clock is disturbing.

  2. Data only for the last 340 years. Pragmatic, of course, but potentially misleading. % of diseased v. gross population, etc.

  3. romantic energy abounds...

    you are having a first time romantic encounter with the new frame in Steamboat.

    madre and I celebrated our 9 year anniv 2 days ago...our honeymoon began 9 years ago in...wait for it...Steamboat, CO.

    if our marriage is any indication of your new relationship, then things should go swimmingly for you.