Monday, January 14, 2008

And the beat goes on...

Made a marathon drive on Friday to Steamboat and back, so that I could get the Snoots back into the hands of its creator. Funny how I have this emotional attachment to my bikes, such that if they can't be safe at home, it's somehow acceptable for them to be back where they were born...?Although the mid-blizzard drive was too eventful for my liking, the end result is that Brad now has the bike and a clear idea of how I want the racks to perform. And he's not one to waste time--I got these pics this AM showing that he's well on his way.It's actually a very *good* thing that the bike is back up with Brad, as I have countless tasks to attend to here and the bike is only a distraction once the days ride is done. Lots of sewing lately--adding gussets to packs, length to stuff sacks, features to inner layers, insulation to outer layers, and padding to bars, grips, and gloves. As L puts it best, "You like to tinker". So true. If I think I can make a worthwhile improvement, I can't NOT attempt to. How could I sleep if I didn't find the answer for myself?!!!I got an email from a disgruntled gear fabricator today, essentially venting that his ideas were being stolen. While I wasn't the target of his venting, it occurred to me that there's one sure way to avoid having your ideas stolen--don't share them publicly! In that vein, there will be more photos of my winter expedition setup here as it comes together, but anything that I don't want seen or copied (or even pondered) simply gets cropped out and that's that.Hoping to get back up high with The Dog and a new toy in the next day or two. Most fun winter bike riding/cross training I can imagine--wait'll you see this!




  1. Kind of a pssive, shock absorbing idea there with the mounting cantilever syyle of the rack? Can't imagine that there is a lot of jostling on a snow ride, but then I wouldn't know either.

    Nice stuff Mike. Thanks for sharing what you do.

  2. Nice blizzard on friday, huh? It snowed even harder on Saturday morning.
    Let me know if you have time for a ride when you pick the snoots up from the factory.