Sunday, January 6, 2008

The desert's always greener...

...or so it would seem. We're having a heckuva winter so far, with piles more snow and wind relative to the past ~10 years. Not a complaint, merely an observation. Lots of winter left to go, but I'm thinking we're gonna have a soopah spring wildflower season if the precip continues at anywhere close to this rate.

Enjoyed a fun ride from sunset into dark last night, then took the dog up to earn some turns on the Mesa this AM. As we labored up the hill, muscles trying to remember an activity that they don't get asked to do often enough, my mind was elsewhere: Summer. I guess I just have difficulty staying rooted in the present--in July I think of January, and vice versa. Couldn't begin to guess why, but it's pretty much always been that way: Growing up in MI I'd be swimming while thinking of hockey or skiing, then sledding while dreaming of football. Huh.

So please indulge me if I tend to post summer-related pics on the masthead above. Maybe you're thinking summer too?

Need to crunch some numbers the next few days, with respect to food, fuel, and calories for the upcoming AK spedizione. I'll share when it gets to that point--some fun stuff to think about.

A very, very happy dog in the snow this AM.
Master (at least in his pea-sized brain) of all he surveys.

Dogs don't have fat skis. He wallowed where I floated, giving me a chance to catch my wind and snap some pics, as well as merely soak up a few precious hours in the alpine.


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