Thursday, January 24, 2008

Focus narrows.

Signing checks this AM forced me to write, ponder, then accept that it really is the 24th of January. Less than a month til shoving off for points north. Started to get a bit anxious about the nearness of the date and the amount of stuff still to be done (including a leg and lung transplant if last weekend was any indication of current fitness...). But then I checked myself and thought it through a bit more, with the conclusion that, fitness notwithstanding, the pieces and parts are all coming together with time to spare.Picked up my new frame pack a few days ago, expecting some uber-pogies from Eric tomorrow or Monday, have already dialed in the fit and position on the bike, not to mention all of the food is packed, the tent mods are done, and the Batsuit is 98% operational. A few more tweaks to some of the finer things and all of that stuff will be put to bed.Then I got an email from Brad with the pictures sprinkled throughout this post. In the pics the racks are not yet completed, but you certainly get the idea of how they're gonna look when done. He sent another email hours later letting me know that all was finished, so I'm trying to wrap up a productive week of wheel work early tomorrow PM in order to shove off and go pick it all up.If all goes to plan I hope to be riding the complete setup, fully loaded and operational, as early as Monday. Had I my druthers I'd have been riding and fine tuning it since November (of '05!), but life doesn't seem to work that way. Smiling as I type this, thinking back to the ride that has gotten all of it to this point, and grinning thinking about adventures yet to come with this rig and kit.Life is good. Hope you're enjoyin' it too...




  1. You'll never make it. Your stays are clearly too long. =)

    That thing is a snow assault vehicle!

    From the pics, the rims don't look drilled out like a see most. I'm sure that's a purposeful decision...

    - Padre

  2. Mike,

    Can you tell us a bit more about the rims and wheel build?

  3. I take it your caloric dilemma has been figured out to the best of your knowledge? (Seeing as you said your food was packed)

    Anyway, I hope it is all you dreamed and planned for Mike. It certainly is an impressive undertaking. Thanks for sharing the bits you have with us. Facinating stuff here.

  4. is that a single cog on the front wheel? you hear of people packing a disc mount cog as a backup, but i would imagine your just incase pile is pretty small. looks like your plannin on makin some tracks, good luck!

  5. food packed! a month out! now that's impressive!

  6. Mike,
    What's the bottle cage for? Won't stuff freeze in about 37 seconds at the temps you ride in?

  7. Kid - 100mm wide double wall rims. DT Swiss 440 FR hubs, 36h, 165mm spacing. DT Competition 2.0/1.8 butted spokes, laced 3x using DT Prolock alloy nips.

    Mark - yep--calories figured, packed, SWAK, and put to bed.

    Anon - single just-in-case cog on the front freehub.

    DT - not using a trailer this year yet still hauling three plus weeks worth of stuff means space is at an all-time premium. Three bottle cages (one on the DT, one on each fork leg) will each hold a 25oz metal fuel bottle.