Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Not too many people need the idea of a mid-winter break explained to them. I like snow (even shoveling it) and am glad to live in a place with 4 real honest seasons. I appreciate the winter even more when I can ditch it for a long weekend, recharge the batts, then come home ready to embrace the next two months of it.Drove down to SW UT and spent 4 days riding, eating, and sleeping. A smidge of bad TV was thrown in to remind us that we weren't at home.

Not a whole lot of need to attach superfluous words to this post when pics tell the story much better. I had the good fortune to ride with a coupla real strong guys that pushed me on the climbs, descents, and tech stuff. No one got hurt. Weather was mostly good. Everyone laughed lots. I couldn't have asked for more.

Thanks gang. Gotta do it again soon.



  1. My jealousy for this event is so large it can be rated alongside our national debt.

  2. Awesome pics and the riding looks absolutely fantastic. You were right when saying the pictures tell the story.
    Ride On!

    Nigity - "Always keep a smile in your heart."

  3. Watching bad TV and living on freeze dried foods.....now that's livin.

    Ravi called...he still wants to know what room you're in.


  4. That bug finally left the house.

    When is v2?

  5. You guys had a lot of bikes out there!!

  6. Now thats a mid-winter break! Looks like a great time too. Beats the nightly commute into work in subzero temps. But, I also agree about like Denver area as well.

    Over in Aurora, CO...