Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Daily driver.

Too much time spent thinkering and super-hyper-over-obsessing about the Snoots lately. Realized I've been riding another bike far more often and have yet to snap so much as one pic of it.

So here it is.

Moots calls it a Mooto-X. Hipsters call it a monster cross. Dorks call it a twennyniner. Grouches call it a drop-bar mountain bike.

I call it my road bike.

It'd be accurate to call this a clean cockpit. It'd also be accurate to say that I'm a fan of that.29 x 42t up front with an 11/28 out back. Great for riding any road in this county and any other. But also darn good for hitting certain fun trails too.As pictured it has some new shoes: brand spankin' tubeless Bontrager 1.75's. I've been riding it for ~two months with detubed 2.1's and loving them in/on the snow/slop/ice. I guess I installed the 1.75's because they lean a lot closer to the true nature of the bike. 2.1's swayed it awfully far to the mtb side.

Whatever.The roadie grouppo was procured in an I'd-be-a-fool-to-say-no-to-this-deal sorta deal, and it works pretty well. There's a Willits Type II fork under that filth that's as smooth as any fork has a right to be. This is my second Willits Type II in this lifetime and if I ever need another rigid fork there's no doubt about the shape it'll take or the hands it'll be made by. Not enough "O's" in the word smooooooove to describe it.I used to have a ricky-racer crotch rocket road bike when I was racing and training bunches. Very light, very fast, sorta comfy. I bonded with it immediately and really enjoyed riding it, *except* when I'd pass by a dirt road leading to a dirt trail that happened to be very fun. And even then sometimes I'd go for a fun cruise on the singletrack on my 100psi 23's. But as novel and gee-whiz inducing as riding a road bike on singletrack can be, it wasn't as fun as it could have been and it was definitely not a good long term plan.

So I punted that bike and went roadie-less for over a year while I thunk hard about what the replacement needed to be.

And this is it. Smoove, versatile, practical. Fun.

That about sums it up.




  1. Wow. Yup...wow.

    Really digging the cockpit....and the tires seem perfect for this application.


  2. Smoove, versatile, practical. Fun.

    Emphasis on fun.
    Exactly why I've abandoned road riding for the past couple of years! I'd ride past that dirt road that leads to the fun singletrack loop just to keep those skinny-ass tires on pavement - all the while longing for the solitude of dirt rather than the tension of "sharing" the road with surly motorists.
    I bought a road bike because the "experts" said it'll make you fast. I'm not fast. Probably never will be. But fun is always attainable.
    Sweet bike, great post. Good luck in Alaska.


  3. ESI grips? Must have been a bitch to squeeze them onto the bars.

  4. NICE! Love to ride that thing.

  5. Those tires are hawt. Then there's that fork you mentioned...

  6. Didn't anyone tell you your headset was upside down??

    Nice ride!!

  7. I like it.

    What is the stem?

    We musta been thinking the same thing near simultaneously


  8. your stem's crooked....

  9. That's a nice stem you got there.

  10. Mike: Nice, nice bike. Seems like the perfect Trans Iowa rig there. ;>)

    Thanks for stopping long enough to take a pic or two.

  11. That thing looks almost fun...almost.

    Do your wrists like riding sideways up on the hoods or do you find yourself in the drops mostly?

    You take really good pics. How nice of a camera are you bringing to the -40 environment?