Sunday, February 17, 2008


I didn't want to go.
It wasn't my idea.
I had other plans.
He wouldn't take no for an answer.
He was gonna shoot my dog if I didn't go!
I wanted to stay home. Really.
I had dishes to do. And laundry. And windows...

But he just wouldn't leave me alone. So I went.
And damn am I glad I did!



  1. I am having trouble seeing who is with you and what bike they are one.

    Looks like better weather than ice and snowy Iowa.

  2. It's really a shame about all those chores. However, on the other hand, your dog is ok. Amazing what people will do for the animals they love.
    Looks like fun and beats the -10 to -20 below windchills here in the Twin Cities.

    Ride On!

  3. Yea Mike, for someone so damn strong... your will is pretty damn weak. Thankfully you got what was coming to you. You bastard.

    Excellent photos, btw. They're all saved to my MC folder. I suspect they'll be many more from your Iditarod experience. Just don't drop your camera onto an iceflow ok? Or into a river. Or onto the only piece of exposed pavement in the parking lot.

    All joking aside. Best of luck in AK. What an Epic journey this will be. Well, another epic journey ... you've had many. Hopefully all will go smoothly.


  4. Great photos! What type of camera do you use?

    Ride On!