Monday, February 25, 2008

Click on the above map to see Mike's progress today. I finally had an hour to write some code into TopoFusion to convert the GMT timestamps the unit spits out to AK time. So I won't need to do math in my head anymore (yay!), and the maps are quite a bit more meaningful.

He passed the first race checkpoint (Yentna) sometime after 9am, and the second (Skwentna) around 4pm. Skwentna is mile 90 on the route, and I estimate Mike has covered over 50 miles for the day (as of 6:30pm -- he's still rolling).

Compare those times to the race leaderboard.

According to the race website "The word is that the trail from Shell lake to Finger lake is in great shape and should be fairly fast." So Mike has good conditions in front of him, and continuing good weather. He's just a few miles from Shell Lake right now.

Current conditions in Skwentna are 23 degrees, scattered clouds and calm winds. I'm sure Mike is loving it. Tomorrow looks like some clouds will roll in, but still calm. Slight chance of precip coming in Wednesday night, but it's looking like clear sailing until then.

For now, enjoy this clip (with music!) of Mike in the first miles of his ride. Thanks again to Eric for the video and pictures.


  1. That's cool Scott! Thank Eric for the video!

  2. I feel as if I've missed something. Is Mike registered in the race? I've been checking the leader board and don't see his name. What's up? Or am I just a tired dope who needs to get some sleep?
    Either way, the undertaking is very cool and as I said in reply to a previous post...I wish Mike all the best.

    Ride On!

  3. Sorry about the confusion. He's not a part of the race nor is he racing.

    I added to the confusion by introducing the video as the first miles of the "race", by which I meant the first miles of the race course.

    Edited to "first miles of his ride."

    Remember that (as in my first post) he was originally going to start 24 hours after the race, and only started "with the race" due to the fab-a-roo conditions.