Monday, February 25, 2008

On to Yentna

It looks like Mike stopped at about 9pm (AK time) last night. I got an "OK" message from his unit, meaning he fiddled with it (apparently it takes a few steps) to send the message. No more points appeared until this morning at 7am AK time. So he's rolling again, with about 8 miles to Yentna.

There is a map of his progress thus far. The findmespot is supposed to be sending a breadcrumb every 10 minutes, but it seems they are only getting through every 45 minutes, on average. We'll have a lot more data in a few days to say something more meaningful, but they sure aren't coming in at 10 minute intervals so far.

Still, things are working well, and I was somewhat surprised to see the OK message, since he indicated he probably wouldn't use the "OK" mode (for a number of good reasons).

The leader board has been updated, with some smoking fast times. Mike is sure reaping the benefit of the fast conditions, covering ~46 miles in about seven hours. Pretty impressive considering all the weight he's hauling. He may have stopped early to let the trail clear out! I'll bet he started bumping into many a foot/ski racer out there.

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