Thursday, February 28, 2008

Out of the Dalzell Gorge

Quick update. After spending the morning waiting for a single point to come in, I finally got two points indicating that Mike is almost done with the Dalzell Gorge, and nearing Rohn. See the map.

Best guess is that the massive Alaskan Range was blocking signals (either GPS or globalstar network sats), especially in the deep canyon of the gorge. There is a racer, Brij, who is carrying a SPOT as well. I offered to convert the timestamps and make a few maps for him. It will be interesting to compare the "dead" spots in his track to Mike's.

Everything seems to be rolling along well for Mike. He's moving above 1 mph at last count, which is definitely slow compared to the rest of the trip, but not bad considering what he's working through with his insanely heavy bike.

Let me give you some idea of how heavy it is. He told me, prior to leaving, that he is unable to lift both of the wheels off the ground at the same time--on dry pavement, with warm hands and a good grip. That means if he has to push up a blown out river bank, for example, he has to take off some number of panniers and make 2+ trips. That equates to some very slow going and a heck of a lot of work. It's likely he is doing a lot of this right now given the report of blown bridges. I can only imagine what sidesloping with such a bike/load is like.

But, he seems to have done it.


  1. Even quicker update - he made it to Rohn.

  2. very crazy stuff.I think about mike every time I go out in the winter,trying to imagine what he is going through and how he does it.Way to go mike and god speed.

  3. I really appreciate your updates. Thanks for keeping us in tune with this great adventure.

  4. fly over this rainy pass with google earth to get a wow feeling

    thanks for updates Scott