Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Photo by Eric Parsons.

Mike is rolling by Puntilla Lake (above) right about now. That's mile 165 on the route and he's less than 72 hours into the trip. At this rate he would finish in less than 22 days. However, he is approaching Rainy Pass and things are likely to slow down soon.

I want to remind everyone a few details about Mike's endeavor that we are watching unfold. He's riding the 1,100 iditarod trail to Nome (not as a part of the Iditarod Trail Invitational Race, but on the same route). But he's doing it 100% self-supported. Meaning, he's carrying everything, down to the last M&M, for the entire duration of the trip. He won't enter any buildings, cabins, or even accept a frozen gummy worm from anyone that he happens to bump into.

This is a pretty serious test of the limits of on-snow travel, and is in preparation for bigger trips to come, where there may not be any cabins or opportunities for resupply.

So, while racers in the Inivitational are racing from cabin to cabin, warming themselves and being served hot food, Mike has been outside the entire time, cooking food packed on his bike using fuel carried on (and in!) his custom Snoots.

Above is a map of Mike's entire route, from TopoFusion. It's the header image on the blog right now, but blogger doesn't seem to want to let me link to the bigger version. But this one is clickable. The inlay detail map in the upper right corner kinda puts things in perspective.

I'll check in again during the evening. We should know whether he chose Rainy Pass or Hellsgate by then. I'm off on a ride here in Tucson, AZ, where it's sunny and almost 80 degrees.

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