Friday, February 15, 2008

Snowbike timeline.

'97--Willits Townie at the start:

'98--Marin stock HT in Anchorage:

'98--approaching Puntilla:
'99--Prepping/touring in CO before heading north:
'00--Custom Marin/Sycip 'blend' approaching The Burn:
'00--"Marcip" near Tripod Flats:

'01--Willits Big Rig at the start w/Todd Scott:

'01--Big Rig buried at Shell Lake:
'02--Big Rig at home being prepped:
'02--Big Rig looks lonely while I look for the trail:
'02--Leaving Golovnin Bay en route to White Mountain:

'03--Pat and I on our Airborne B-29's. How confident we look! How clueless we were!
'03--B29 atop Eagle Summit on the Quest Trail:
'05--Moots Mooto-X approaching Finger Lake. Man was I packed light!

'05--Running to keep warm because I was packed too light:
'06--Nekkid Snoots as we got to know each other:

'06--Loaded bike w/Lenz-built trailer in the process of breaking my spirit, somewhere in the Chugach:

'07--new trailer design. Tested bunches. Failed:
'07--next trailer design. Much, much better:
Looking back through these pics I can immediately see and recite all of the shortcomings of each bike, each packing setup, each piece of gear used. That wealth of knowledge is priceless, and has led to...

'08--Simpler. Compacter. Floatier, but Heavy:
Unfortunately, try as I might, I cannot look at this setup and see with anything resembling clarity what the drawbacks are. I can guess, and then try to tweak to make up for them, but nothing can make things so plain as a week+ on the The Trail.

Just over a week from now that's where I'll be, with my learning cap on.



  1. Hey Mike-

    Not trying to be disrespectfull, but the obvious drawback of a 140 lb bike is that the engine is pretty weak ;)

    Hope to see you in ANC or on the trail next week.


  2. Man, I sure miss your mustache.


  3. What a great summary of progression. Its great to see such 'top secret' set ups, too. You don't have to worry about sharing anyway since you can't take a picture of on-the-trail emperical knowledge. Like the caption said (after six years of this race) 'how little you know'.

    Good thing you got rid of those buttless chaps in the first pic.

  4. I remember a fat bike leaning against a wall outside the gym at Leadville around 2000 or 2001. Was that one of your bikes?

  5. Hey Mike,

    What a great series. Have you ever thought about using skis instead of a tire on your trailer?