Tuesday, March 11, 2008

25 miles to the coast...

... and still getting SPOT points. Even better conditions (speed-wise) than yesterday. Despite a late start (didn't get a point until 11:14a, near Kaltag), Mike is almost to Unalakleet.

I sent Brij Potnis (finisher in this year's race to McGrath) Mike's SPOT points, and he has created a number of charts. Seems he's quite the Excel wizard. The most interesting part (to me, anyway) is that he's computing more realistic speeds by interpolating distance between known checkpoints.

Here's an elevation and speed plot for the trip to Kaltag (everything except today's ride):

Download the following PDF for more charts along these lines:

Mike C's Journey Analyzed

Thanks Brij!

Conditions are still looking good to Shaktoolik, with some pushing over the Blueberry hills. More interesting will be to see how Pete and Carl fare through the sea ice and desolate trail north of there.


  1. More good stuff Scott.

    I find it interesting that the downhills don't necessarily translate to higher speeds and in fact some of the slower posted speeds correlate to the downhill sections of the course, e.g. mile 200 coming off of Rainy Pass, mile 475+ around Ophir, mile 550 coming out of Ruby, etc. I wonder what struggles are occurring on the dh's? It seems the flats are where it's at for better average progress.

    And I count 16-18 significant stops if all those 0 mph dips are rest stops.


  2. I am far from Amish but still tend to argue for less tech-no-logy rather than more. That typed into my wireless laptop, this has been some exciting reading what with the Ultrasport, Iditarod and the Curiak solo mission all underway! Thanks for your updating and hope Mike has a strong finish.

    Inspiring stuff!