Sunday, March 9, 2008


Great news from the SPOT satellites today. Mike is making very good progress, seemingly with conditions worlds apart from those that the racers ahead of him encountered.

He recorded the highest speed between SPOT points I have seen for the entire trip so far. On top of that he is past Koyukuk and is only 15 miles from Nulato - at 5:30p AK time.

I'll leave the speculation to you as to why things got so fast all the sudden. Cooler temps, dog teams, the magical floating power of the Snoots (it's getting lighter every day)!??

Pete is back in the race and reported good (rideable!) conditions into Kaltag. That's great news for everyone. It's amazing that Mike is not much more than 50 miles behind them. Crazy.


  1. he must have thrown his SPOT onto one of the dogsleds as they sped by him :)

    i guess he'll probably catch up with carl and pete as they keep waiting in towns for post offices to open and he cruises on through. ok, very unlikely, but that would be damn funny.

  2. I wonder if he's regretting not gaining 38lbs for this little outing?

    - Padre