Thursday, March 6, 2008


I can't log in to the SPOT web page tonight (web tracking down for planned maintenance), but I did check in at around 2:30 this afternoon. I'm a little confused as to where Cripple is. The topo maps have it further back than the lat/lon of the Iditarod's tracking page.

I believe the Iditarod coordinates are correct, and if so, Mike would have been passed by the leaders sometime during the night. However, everyone that's in Cripple has a mandatory 24 hour layover, so today should have been dog free. As of 2:30p he was beyond the coordinates of Cripple.

But they should be back on the trail early tomorrow morning, meaning he will have paw holes (and the associated brown streaks) to contend with. Once on the Yukon River, at Ruby, that should be less of an issue since the route is simply the river, and it's very wide.

No map, but here is a pic from Epic Eric once again, on the first day of Mike's trip. I was saving it for when the mushers caught him.


  1. I think Mike wanted to be on the big river before the dogs caught him because trying to stay out of their way on single tack trail is an extra thing you don't want to have to worry about. On the river it's wide enough that they can just pass you, on single track you have to actually get out of their way (like your pic).

    Staying out of their way is harder to do than it would seem. Dog teams go incredibly fast and unless they're right on you, you can't hear them. If Mike's like me that means you waste time and energy looking out for them on single track, it's a non-issue on the super-highway like Yukon.


  2. Gary--thanks for chiming in, that makes a lot of sense.

  3. i know mike had a trailer made and ran some tests with it, but i can't tell from the photos if he's using it or relying on (improved?) packs/storage options to carry all is gear on the bike only.

  4. No trailer this year -- it's all on two wheels in front and rear panniers.

    Go back a few posts for pictures from a different angle.