Sunday, March 2, 2008

In McGrath

No new points today. I got an email this afternoon from Mike himself!!!

He spent the last two days without a stove (broken!), so given that all his food his freeze dried and all water comes from snow, his trip has come to a halt. He had no choice but to motor into McGrath and seek shelter/food/water.

Apparently his tent has also failed. He is working on suitable replacements for both the stove and tent, with hopes of heading back out.

He reports that otherwise the bike and body are doing great.

"Didn't seem like a week--seemed like one long, glorious, endless day."

More as I hear it.


  1. Good luck Mike.
    I hope you get everything fixed

  2. Does he have a gear list? I am wondering what stove and tent he is using. Thanks and good luck Mike!