Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On the coast, then Home

I'm at the school in Unalakleet, Alaska. I am healthy, happy, and as alive as I've ever been. I'm also headed home in the morning.

This trip has been life changing, life affirming, and 62 other catchy buzzwords that I'm too punch-drunk to remember right now. But it is most assuredly over.

A million thanks and much debt owed to Scott Morris for his tireless monitoring of what I assume he must refer to as 'that infernal beep' coming in. Really looking forward to having the time and energy to read back through it all. Scott, I'll send you the full .gpx as soon as I'm able.

Pretty amazing trip. It would have been 'complete' from a proof-of-concept perspective at McGrath, but I was having too much fun to stop. I could have called it complete from a gear-testing perspective as of Ruby, but I still wanted more. It *was* complete from a human-performance testing perspective when I camped last night W of Old Woman Mountain. Just tickled at the outcome of all, and the hiccups are teeny and pretty easily fixed. Nome would have been nice, but... So many details, so many stories to share. Shot hundreds of pics and even a few minutes of video--can't wait to see it all and share it too...

More details when I'm able.