Saturday, March 8, 2008

On the Yukon...

... but the future is unknown.

The race update site indicates that both Pete Basigner and Jay Petervary have dropped from the race, citing endless bike pushing through deep snow.

Carl Hutchings seems determined to continue on, but he wrote on MTBR:

news is what most know,theres no trail out there.its so warm and its snowed so much coupled with the wind that you can barely find one and to push through deep snow for 22 hours like i did yesterday is just no fun.


im hanging here waiting for at least 3 mushers to leave and some tv crews and i should have a trail to walk on.
its a shame that it has come to this but its really no fun here.maybe with some rideable trails on the bering coast all this pushing might dilute itself and make the overall experience more of a fun one.

Sounds pretty miserable.

These racers are 80 or so miles ahead of Mike's current position, so he has not hit the worst of it yet. For now, he is still moving along and speeds have increased since he hit the Yukon River at Ruby at about noon today. It is possible that Mike will benefit from more musher traffic (and TV crews?!), as well as the slight cooling trend forecast over the next few days.

We will just have to wait and see. I should mention that the fact that he passed Ruby without stopping is a very good sign that his stove and tent difficulties are a thing of the past. He has finished one of the more remote stretches of the route, and villages will be more frequent now.

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