Friday, March 7, 2008

What's Mike up to?

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daily sentinel portrait of mike curiak

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Slow conditions continue to prevail. Warm temps, soft snow and little trail to begin with.

Mike was definitely passed by many dog teams today, with all the leaders into Ruby by now. I'm sure this is causing a headache, but likely being taken in stride. When I spoke to Mike in McGrath, he mentioned how much more enjoyable this "touring" is compared to the "racing" of years passed. It's a stretch to call what Mike is doing a tour (and he's not that far behind the leaders), but it's definitely a big mental shift for him. He made reference to the summer touring that he and I have been doing in Colorado and how it's helped him change his mental outlook.

Indeed, the first Colorado Trail trip I took with Mike was similar to a race in many ways, and he's slowly been shifting out of that mode as time passes. He sure sounded like he was enjoying this trip.


Rok arrived at Ruby at 1:00pm in good spirits after being able to ride his bike some instead of pushing. This should come as a relief to Bill and Kathi who had a chance to call in using a satellite phone at noon to report that they were still 45 miles from Ruby. Apparently they ran into some friends on the trail out there and I am sure this brightened their day. Bill also passed on that they were 'enjoying pushing their bikes'. It's all in the attitude! Rok plans to leave sometime tomorrow morning and is hoping for better trails between Ruby and Galena than the first group had.

Mike is currently (6:42pm AK time) around 25 miles south of Ruby. So the reference to the friends that Bill and Kathi ran into may have been Mike. It's possible they are riding together at the moment. I had a chance to meet Bill and Kathi when they did a tour through Utah and Arizona this past fall. That's an impressive attitude to be enjoying miles and miles of pushing in soft snow. But it's not a surprise to anyone that's met them.

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