Monday, May 26, 2008

Spring into summer.

Although it's been on my mind for weeks now, I have no choice but to punt the denial and finally accept that I'm not going to write anything more about the AK experience this spring. Being outside in 60+ degree temps every day is not conducive to recreating the mindset needed to accurately write about the events that happened up north. Once the temps drop and the precip starts to fly this fall, I'll have an easier time getting back into character and writing more about it.

'Nuff said.

Back here in reality there's no denying that I'm having a bit of burnout on the local trails. Part of it is that I've ridden them so much in the decade+ that I've lived here that I need a break, or something new. Another not insignificant part is that the local sphincter police/trail nazis have been hard at work sanitizing the trails we do have and obliterating (with extreme prejudice) anything new/fun/challenging/interesting that pops up. Lastly, this area has become a tourist attraction because of the trails we have, and as such the trails are inundated with people from Friday morning til ~Sunday night. If you're like me and you ride to get away from people/syphillization, this is a sub-optimal turn of events.

Rather than dwelling on it I've simply been getting off the beaten path and doing some 'sploring lately. Generally I'll try to connect two known routes with an unknown scratch on the map, but sometimes I'll just go out and follow cow trails to see if our bovine neighbors have created anything worthwhile lately. Then when I get home I download the GPS track and overlay it onto aerial and topo maps to see if anything jumps out at me.

Yesterday something jumped out at me.

So today I took L and Trix to see.

Mostly mellow grades with some fun dipsy doodling through the sage.

Oh, and there were one or two flowers if you looked in just the right spots.

A long, long time ago I wouldn't have had the patience for a ride like this. Not much speed, no banked turns, no big climbs, no techy chunk and no blazing descents.

I must be getting old because I really enjoyed the mellow pace and the vibe of just being out there, and (at times) cursed the girls for riding so damn fast--I couldn't compose/snap the pics fast enough.

In this case, I'm thinking the change is for the better.

An old friends' mom used to tell us that if we were bored we were boring. Meaning simply that we needed to rustle up the gumption to entertain ourselves. My of-late burnout has reminded me that if you keep going to the places you always go, chances are you're going to keep seeing what you've always seen. The rides today and yesterday have rekindled a desire to explore and find new stuff. No good reason to be bored in a backyard with this much open space.

Stay tuned...