Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A delicious, nutritious, 100% organic late spring recipe.

The lull in posting here is not at all unexpected. Summer means many things but overarching all of it is a constant inability to do everything I'd like to do. No way possible to take advantage of every ride, roadtrip, hike, ski, potluck, nap, or camp outing that presents itself.

Instead I try to pick the most rewarding ones (balanced carefully with work and, occasionally, sleep) and enjoy them to the fullest. That pretty much sums up this past weekend.

Start with high desert scenery and high pressure:

Sprinkle liberally with rocks:

Toss in the whole fam-damily:

Add a dash of color where appropriate:

Mix until desired texture is achieved:

Pause (as often and as long as necessary) for introspection and rumination:

Add the meat:

Baste liberally and simmer at 72 degrees.

Finally, gather 'round the gang and dig in.

This recipe works best when the ingredients are fresh. The longer you wait to use them the more likely they are to spoil.

Bon appetit!



  1. Beautiful pics as always Mike. Just curious where it is. Moab area maybe?


  2. Thanks for sharing, friend! Beautiful...especially the big grins!
    p.s. I will try the recipe and let you know. :)