Sunday, July 27, 2008


OK so I'm a bit off the back in noticing that the year is on the downslide. Perhaps I'm looking forward more than back?

Yeah, that's it...

The pattern the past few weeks has been to ride first thing, hide in the office until the sun leaves the county, then build wheels into the wee hours. Sleep a bit then repeat. This MO has given me mucho time to get caught up on office and photo stuff (though I keep forgetting 'bout 2nd quarter sales tax, dagnabbit...) while hiding from the heat.

And for the first time in ages I've managed to sort through the top half of this year's photos before it's over. Stellar.

What follows is a handful of 'b-sides' from this season so far.

Lots of great trips taken, laughs shared, and memories made thus far, with more (always more!) on the horizon.

Hope it's been a good'n for you too.