Thursday, July 17, 2008


July 17, 2008, 1:56 PM MST.

Finished tensioning a wheel, mopped the sweat from my brow (it's ~100* in the shop), walked inside and grabbed a quart o' chilled liquid refreshment, then plopped down here (at the computer, in the air conditioned house) for 5 minutes of respite.

And where, you must be wondering, did I point the browser?

Where else?

It's a sickness I tell ya. Happens mid-July every year.

It starts with a glance at the Idita sites, followed by a quick cruise through a photo folder or two. Harmless stuff, really.

But, mark my words, by this time next week I'll be relacing my fatty fat fat wheels, considering the relative merits of various potential routes, browsing for deals, and just generally pegging the geek-o-meter.




  1. Being a local company, I head out to the Emergency Essentials warehouse sale each year. I battle a long line of ladies buying enormous amounts of canned food to sift through the camping gear. I have struck gold with a light down bag, a bivy tent, some stuff sacks, filters, and so on in that dirty warehouse.

  2. Sick, I tell you. Just sick.

  3. Tell me about it... I have to stare at the finish line every day, knowing I only almost made it...

  4. phil....thats funny.

    nice pic,looks like this year.
    I like to think of it as a healthy obsession.

  5. Another stunning post! You take fantastic photos. What camera do you carry with you on rides? I'm just curious.