Tuesday, August 12, 2008


My preference when taking 'ride shots' has always been to compose stills (on the fly, usually) to capture a certain perspective, backdrop, or slant of light. But my most recent camera produces some OK video as well, so I occasionally take advantage of that to see a bit more of a dynamic aspect to the rides.

The last few days I've stumbled onto the folder with most of the vids I've shot in the last ~5 months. Simply hadn't realized they were all sitting there.

Don't pay too much attention to the artistic side of things--if you can find one at all. The standard MO is to whip out the camera while catching my breath, so the vids most often get shot from wherever I happen to be breathing hard. Some of the clips belong to MW and a few were shot by JW.

Without further ado...

Gunny chunk:

Tom rules the Boulders:

Mike learns his new bike:

Web on the Sternum wallride:

Mike gets lucky on Moto:

(note his "can't believe I pulled that off" giggle at the end...)

Mike pushing his luck on the Nameless Gap:

Web on the Gunny steps:

Me on the same Gunny steps, different angle:

Me on "A room with a view". This was my 7th (and only successful) shot at it:

Bernie on a techy drop that looks like nothing on the video:

Me on Extracurricular #72:

Pseudo-Squeezer-Spine--much harder and more heady than it looks:

Bernie on one of the countless biggish moves that he killed and no one else seriously considered. The guy is fuggin' smoove and skilled:

One of the easy lines on Free Lunch:

Bernie made this one look so easy I had to try it:


So I tried it again:


Once more:

Still not even close.

As if to underscore how pathetic I am, Bernie did it again. Even in slow motion (so that I could see how he did it) he still pulled it smoothly:

Not that any of us had any doubt, but 'He da man'.

Bernie further underscoring his technical superiority and precision:

Bernie pointed this one out and then showed us the line:

Looked like fun so I gave it a whirl:

It was fun, but I still can't get over how much faster and smoother Bernie executes moves like this. I felt pretty good riding that day and yet I was able to pull maybe 10% of the moves that he did. It's *awesome* to be humbled like that on occasion--gives you something to work towards.

If you're not progressing you're regressing, right?

Here's to constant, measurable (if slow) progress...



  1. Bernie's a spectacular rider. I wish I'dd known you were riding up there - I would have loved to tag along.

  2. That all looks like loads of fun.

  3. Love seeing all the Lenz's in action! I'll have to stop by more often... great posts here.