Thursday, October 30, 2008

Numero Cent.

As summer wound into fall I became smitten with a tool (toy?) that one of my riding partners was using--a helmet cam. Saw the on-screen results from his and made the executive decision that Big Wheels, LLC needed one of those to help with...




So I've been fiddling with it and learning what angles work for what kinds of trails (but mostly learning that most angles I've tried look marginal at best) and lighting conditions. I shouldn't be surprised still, but I've also learned that most of the things that scare me with their 'hugeness' or 'technicality' on the trail look like mere curb hops on the computer screen.

See for yourself.

Very close to the end of ^ that video I crashed. Pretty hard, actually. Limped home and took a few days off, then went back out and promptly crashed again. The first crash was more-or-less a fluke. My front wheel got stopped by a forearm-thick juniper branch that I never saw, and over the bars I went. The second crash was minor but drove home the fact that I needed more time off before I was ready to ride again.

How much time off?

More than I've taken off of the bike in...?

Over a decade at any rate. I've been off the bike now for two weeks. I did a very short, very mellow ride last weekend in Moab.

Out for ~2 hours but never really got moving. The overwhelming feeling I had on that ride was that I needed a longer break.

The body seems to be healed, but the mind is not fresh, and hence not ready to be back on the bike. Weird, but there it is.

So I've been hiking (don't hold it against me) and fishing. Trying to get out to do one or the other or both at least 4 times per week. I can say without hesitation that if I were limited to these two activities and unable to ride I'd lose my shit pretty directly. I cannot put a finger on any one thing that I miss about riding, but I'm sure speed, challenge, endorphins and the simple joy of an elevated heart rate all play their parts.

Hiking is neat in that you can look around more, without stopping, than you can when riding. Yay.
Other than that I can't find much that I like about it. I guess I can take a step back and put myself into someone else's shoes and say that yes, being able to hike is AWESOME compared to, say, being bedridden.

Fishing is fishing--I enjoy it regardless of what manner of locomotion delivers me to the water.

Even on days like today when I get skunked.

I guess the honest upshot to hiking is more time spent with L and D.

Priceless, that.

Fall is fading and signs of winter are everywhere. Hoping to get back out on the bike this weekend, for fall is too precious and winter a bit too...? Wintry?