Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chunkarama, day two.

Can't speak for Scott but I woke up sore and tired from the previous day's efforts. Scott had spent some time trying to round up compadres to join us on today's ride, but Chad seemed hell-bent on self destruction (his ambitions were far greater than ours, and started far earlier than we could conceive), while Louis and clan seemed more interested in taking it too easy (shuttling). So we split the difference and headed out towards the 50 year trail.

Before even reassembling the bikes it was clear that we had a spectacular day on our hands. Again. Crisp bluebird skies, a striking ridgeline as backdrop, and mas uber prickly veg everywhere in between.

Have I mentioned anything about the not-so-vegetal vegetation?

At times it felt more than a little like an alien world. Friends in AK have bears and meese and wolves to worry about, but the likelihood of actually having meaningful contact with them is teeny. This time of year in AZ the fauna isn't much of a concern, but the flora, if indeed it can be called that, was constantly reaching out and poking, scratching, or taking wholesale chunks out of us.

The only time that we were ~free from harm was on the rock. And then only when inert. Start moving and things got scary and dangerous pretty quick. In a fun sort of way, of course...


Linking and avoiding:


Soft and fuzzy, like a teddy bear. Go on--give it a big hug:

Funny that on this one it appears that Scott is pushing across a parking lot. Way STIL, combined with the fact that this rock is not sticky. We pushed the limits of our brakes, right up until we'd reached the limits of traction. At that point you're committed to hang on and ride it out--the alternative is far less appealing:

Midway through the ride I couldn't help but to notice that my left arm was sore from constantly reaching up to flip the 'lobotomy switch'... Had I known what was in store I'd have been better off just unplugging the CPU and leaving it in the car.

Actually, after looking through my pics from this day, it appears that's exactly what I did. Very few good riding shots. Sorry to have wasted the light and the backdrop, but still thrilled to have gotten to see it and ride it. Amazing area and limitless potential. It occurs to me that having a solid group of riders out there on the same day to scope new lines and pressure each other into doing them would be a great way to expand the already substantial offerings.

Another awesome day--thanks again to Scott for the guide service and complimentary terror...


P.S. And again, Scott's writeup and stunning photography from this day can be seen here.

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