Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Crisis schmisis.

Makes you wanna fill all your empty soup cans and stash 'em for next 4th of July...

By then it'll be back north of $5/gallon and Henny Penny will have declared the sky to be falling. Again.




  1. Still at $1.39 in my area. Would love to see it that love or even under a buck!
    Too bad it's going to go back up again.

  2. Yeah, but what is really too bad is the way that BO is playing the US again. The pending legislation that is supposed to mean jobs via expansion of the alternative energy sector will once again be muted by the low prices. Once the bill has been passed, with less emphasis on alt energy no doubt, the price will rise and I agree with Mike that it will be high again for the summer travel season. And don't bother storing a bunch for the future because gas will separate when stored for more than 4 months or so and become basically worthless.