Monday, February 23, 2009

No pain, no pain.

You know life is good when you can drive less than two hours, spend a few days riding dry dirt and rock in February, then come home exhausted *and* with a painted on permagrin.

It really, really doesn't get much better than this.

We started with a spin on the new 'brand' trails north of Moab, then headed out on the Sovereign/Salt Wash singletrack. All good stuff, if unexciting and a little mundane. Hey--it's just my opinion...

Headed south of town and camped for the night, then woke up to this:

We lounged around and read for most of the morning, not suiting up to ride until eleven-ish. The forecast had been for sunny and almost 60, but we were thrilled to find that the overcast (and somewhat threatening) 50's seemed to keep everyone else at home.

L arcing it on the rock:

Working from here to there:

The theme of the ride (and the day) is mostly rock, with some chunky doubletrack. But there is some singletrack and some of it is pretty good.

L takes the high/hard line:

Back to the rock:

Mas rock, with big smiles to boot:

If you could get to where you'd seen enough rock 'neath your wheels, lifting your gaze brought some pretty OK views too--as long as you were OK looking at more rock...

The weather was good, the riding was great, the company (and lack thereof) was excellent. But the best news of the weekend was L's lack of shoulder pain when riding and especially after. Very long story (and not mine to tell) but it had been long enough that she was beginning to wonder what it meant to ride and *not* hurt, and that's not a good headspace to occupy.

After three days of riding, and still no pain, this look about sums it up:

I think just about anyone can appreciate that.


  1. Is that your ecamper? If so, how do you like it?

  2. Outstanding! She's been in your riding pics far too little of late, 'tis good to see her riding and loving every second of it.

  3. Beautiful shots, I'm staring out the window at a snowy mess, wish I was there!