Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What would you do?

I mean if it's February, and it looks like this:

What choice do you have--you saddle up and go ride, right?

We had a brief pow-wow and decided there was no other choice...

Naturally, we've been riding icy pavement if at all, so we started slow and just sorta proceeded into the day...

Dry dirt, dry rock, good friends, well-tuned bikes, and some *slightly* better than ho-hum views made it a good day to skip MacGyver re-runs...

Doc spotted a fun wraps-in-on-itself sequence and proceeded to smooth it:

Believe it or not, that one ^^^ *is* STIL.

As the day warmed up we did too. Layers of clothing came off as layers of cobwebs were shed. Pissboy hadn't touched his bike since mid-November, so it was fun to watch his early botched efforts morph into increasingly smooth successes.

I had the undeniable advantage of knowing the alternate lines on this trail better than either Doc or Pissboy, and I used it to maximum advantage in scaring the pee outta both of 'em. Hey--what are friends for?

A fave that photos can do no justice to:

The undercut on this one messes with your head on the approach:

Although our day wasn't even half-over, by the end I think that Milly was the freshest of the bunch, even though she never got to coast and covered double the distance of the rest of us:

Crowd favorite for sure: The wall ride.

"If only my family could see me now..."

Scooby-snacks were consumed as we caught our breath from each successive run at the wall, and it was hard not to just plain giggle as you arced up, across, and then felt the inexorable pull tugging you back down.

After the snacks were gone we saddled back up and continued in a northerly, funnerly direction.

The light was good so the cameras always seemed to be going, but it was really the riding that was going on this day. Awesome traction and no people to distract--we just rode, and rode, and rode...

Doc buggered his knee mid-way through the day, but you'd never have known it from watching him ride. Point (or even nod) at a move and he was already lining it up.

I couldn't help myself, I had to play a bit too...

At some point Doc ran outta time and had to skedaddle, at which point Milly staged a sit-down protest.

As soon as he got 60 yards away she caved and ran after him, and that left myself and Pissboy with a few thousand acres of red rock to enjoy.


So we did.

Ancient trailside flora:

Round about here Pissboy hit his stride and really started clicking. He arced a few turns up onto and off of this wall that blew me away. I had bigger, stickier, lower pressure tires than he did, and I wouldn't even consider going where he'd gone.

Sure was fun to watch him do it though...

Did I mention that the light was good all day? It only got better toward sunset...

Cognizant that the friendly daytime temps were fading as the sun slid lower in the west, we savored the last of our northward march then happily whipped a u-ey to head back the way we'd come. Tis a totally different trail in reverse, both scenically and in terms of the moves and the fun to be had.

El sol finally dipped behind Canyonlands to our west, allowing us to ride the last 20 minutes wrapped in this stunning warm glow.

Come to think of it, this day beat the tar outta any MacGyver episode I've seen...




  1. Wow. Those photos are spectacular. Where are you riding? Very nice.