Saturday, March 7, 2009

Over the pass

Photo once again by Eric Parsons from the start of Mike's ride

Mike has crossed Rainy Pass! If you've been following along with the TopoFusion tracker you've seen some pretty slow speeds today -- sub 1 mph in places. This is definitely bike pushing, which is why I thought the above pic appropriate.

However, I compared his 2008 and 2009 ascents of Rainy Pass (and the first 2 miles of the descent, which is often not safe to ride despite being downhill). I was surprised to find that he's only about 20-30 minutes slower this year.

The trail must be in much better shape than the racers experienced. We're getting some firsthand reports of waist deep snow and strong teamwork. Check the race updates for more (huge congrats to Jeff Oatley!).

Reports from both Anchorage and McGrath seem to indicate that Mike got a clear day to experience the alpine. I'm sure his camera was working over time and that we'll get to see the fruits of his keen camera eye in due time.


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