Monday, March 16, 2009

Turning the page, for now.

Big thanks to Scott Morris for the time, energy, and creativity that he put into not just updating this page, but also for all that he did to advance the way that SPOT units are and can be used proactively. Above and beyond as usual, Scott--I owes ya a frozen pizza or three...

No real secret what happened out there this year--an errant, somewhat unpredictable gear failure on the second night of my ride changed the entire flavor of the trip. In many ways that failure was a godsend, as the weather and trail conditions were emphatically not well suited to making it much farther in the style I was attempting. I'm honestly not sure if I could have made it to Finger Lake with the load I was hauling.

Once the mental shift was made (and gear/food was unloaded at Shell Lake) I really enjoyed the trip. It was sort of like going through the motions in many ways, as the conditions were never terribly harsh or slow or difficult, they simply required (and taught) patience. I got to spend time with friends that live or work along the trail, got to see and experience some of my favorite places on this planet, and got to be 'out in it' for over a week.

All in all, nothing like what I set out to do, but really enjoyable and satisfying at the same time.

Photos are all edited and ready to go, but I just don't quite have the gumption to do a 'ride report' about what I did out there this year. Hard to explain why. A big part of it is that after spending much of the last 4+ years enthusiastically pursuing this endeavor, only to have it end prematurely on all three attempts, I need to back off and regain some perspective before deciding how to proceed.

Meanwhile, Moobs and I are driving down the Alaska Highway, hoping to be back in Dysfunction Junction in another day or two. Somewhere down there I hope to find L and D, and maybe even some springlike weather including silky corn snow and tacky dry dirt. From there I'll just do what comes naturally.

All the best,



  1. Great shot at the top of the page. Stellar.

    Have a great time in the desert, you and Moobs. Still bummed I didn't get a chance to formally meet you, again, this year. I can be so painfully shy.

  2. Hey Mike,
    Great picture and mental perspective as usual. I understand about the "ride report" thing. I hope that doesn't keep you from posting some of your shots though. Have an enjoyable Spring!

  3. If yah wanna goof off in huricane stop in at OTE Hurricane...