Saturday, June 27, 2009

Another ho-hum day in June...

...starts with a ~30 minute drive to get from the 4500' desert to the ~10,000' alpine. Pahk the cah, loose the hound, grab the packs, then start walkin' through the deliciously cool woods.

No trouble enjoying the scenery along the way.

This spring has been long, cool, and very, very wet. Not that us desert dwellers are complaining.

The slow start to summer simply means that the alpine has taken a long time to open up. Normally dry meadows are overwhelmed by puddles, puddles have become swamps, swamps have morphed into ponds, and ponds into lakes. Not that Fang is complaining.

Fang contemplates the essence of frogness.

Despite thousands upon thousands of dollars and years of therapy, we're still unable to get him to lighten up and enjoy the moment.

Plenty of reminders that we aren't alone.

After a leisurely hike we arrive at our destination.

At roughly the same time we're reminded that winter is never far off at 10,000'.

Unpack and rig up...

...then crouch and sneak to see what you can see.


Fang tries the direct approach.

Although rarely successful on his own, he's still willing to help us out.

After hours of rain, snow, sun, wind, and giggles, darkness approaches and we grudgingly begin our walk homeward.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Great pics as usual MC. So what was the fly choice for the day?

  2. I love the photos of Fang. I need to go up to 10 and find some snow for my little girl.

  3. What brand/model camera do you use?