Friday, September 11, 2009

Kill me, Thrill me.

'Bout ten years ago I did a very impetuous thing and followed a woman north to BC. Settled with her in Whistler for about 4 months until it became obvious she was looking for something I didn't yet possess.

In the 4 months that I lived in Whistler I had my eyes punched wide open by the local landscape and the way that trailbuilders had left their signatures on it. So much rough terrain, so much vertical, and so much dead fallen cedar on the ground that if you could imagine it, they had already built it and twice improved upon it. Wet rock, moss, wet roots, loam, and duff are a given on any trail up here, the uniqueness of each is a function of the manufactured stunts and lines that the trailbuilders have incorporated. If you come to Whistler, and you ride, and you stay healthy, your skills go through the roof, fast. No way to avoid it, unless you're simply taking your bike for walks in the woods.

Ten years later I'm back, albeit for only 4 days, and sans crazy woman. Our first day dawned pissing rain (just like old times!) so we dawdled awhile before heading out into it. This was Skippy's first exposure to 'Whistler XC' and it was an eye opener for him, too.

Enjoy--we surely did.

The next three days = into 'the park'. Gads!


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  1. Amazing vids from BC. Thanks for sharing them.

    That has blown the mind of this rigid SS 29er from the Midwest. I rode some trails at Whistler about 12 years ago that would have been fine on my bike.

    Not those. I will have to go Lenz hunting if I go out there.