Wednesday, September 23, 2009

West Elks and credit cards.

Rudy and gang invited the Missus and I to join them on their annual credit card tour. A simple plan and a simple route: Start in Marble, ride up to and through through the Devil's Punchbowl, over Schofield Pass, and down into Crested Butte. Eat like royalty, sleep the sleep of the just. Then wake, eat, and ride back the same way.

No coincidence that they plan this trip during traditional peak color weekend in the alpine. If the weather holds out, what could be better than the alpine at peak?

Blue skies on the first day gave way to thick clouds but no rain.

Day two saw steady drizzle which really brought out the richness of the colors in the surrounding trees, tundra, and peaks. Small price to pay--breaking out the raingear in exchange for even stunninger scenery.

What a great way to end the All Mountain Tour. Thanks to all that played along with.


P.S. YES, the Whistler writeup is still in progress. Computer issues keep foiling attempts at editing video...


  1. yellow in the foreground, blue in the back = great compositions!

    really enjoyed the visuals.

  2. Nice shots, but the ATVs and Jeeps are not represented at all?!

    Computer issues keep foiling attempts at editing video...

    I thought you were on crapintosh, where computer issues magically disappear?!?!