Monday, December 21, 2009

Not so much a trail. Then home.

We woke up in Black Canyon City with sore legs and everything else exhausted. On tap for the day, a mellow spin on the Black Canyon Trail before hitting the road back to reality.

I'd been pre-warned that the BCT was best viewed as a traffic-free alternative to road riding, and not so much a mountain bike trail. It lived up to that, and more. If a guy had a singlespeed of any persuasion, a guy could ride everything, fast, and have ~fun doing it on the BCT.

Many minutes worth of spinning out the legs was good. Driving many hours back into the ever-deepening snow was a necessary evil.

Thanks to all that were a part of the riding, guiding, and pictogeeking. Hope we can do it again in, say, a few weeks?!



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