Saturday, May 30, 2009

Training again.

The time has come--I've had it with watching from the sidelines while everyone else gets their racing yayas off.

So I've decided to do something about it. But instead of announcing a comeback and riding my brains out in prep for an upcoming race I've been training smarter, not harder.

See I have this theory--try to follow me here:
-Long distance races are often won on the climbs.
-Lighter riders climb faster than heavier ones.
-Even at my lightest I'm still a full-figured gal.

Add it all up and what do you get? If I'm going to compete with the new crop of lightweight and uber strong talent, I need to shed some mass.

But how?


Everyone knows that fat weighs less than muscle. All I need to do is scientifically shed some of that lean muscle mass in favor of adipose and voila--instant weight loss.

But how?

Welllll, I'm so proud of this recipe that even though it'll end up hurting me in the end I'm still willing to share it.

First, make sure you've had plenty of sausage in the hours leading up to prep. This recipe takes as much as 40 minutes to get *just* right, and a sausage-deprived bonk in the middle of it could be disastrous.

Start with just the right amount of each of these:

Toss it all in the blender, then add similar (but not identical) amounts of these:

Can't be too careful here--this is a proven, effective weight loss plan. Lest you wither away too quickly, be sure to toss in a handful (maaaaaybe two) of these:

Top it off with a heapin' helpin' of yogurt covered malted milk balls, cover, then blend.

Pour this semi-gelatinous gold into the freezolator, standing carefully over it to take a sample every 36 seconds.

(note the digitally estimated amount of weight (yes, *7*, as in pounds!) that you'll lose from consuming just this single 1.5 quart serving.

Repeat as necessary up til raceday. No tapering needed--trust me on this one.

Pity the fools that are out there sweating and slaving up hills right now! This is Amurrica--there's *always* an easier way!

Mark my words, you currently skinny suckas are goin' down. I'll just need you to stand still long enough to push you down and sit on you at the start line...

Here's to mid-summer and post-ride ice cream binges...


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Swooping, drifting, carving, camping, maching.

Those five words sum up a near-perfect weekend with L and D.

The long version:

Great light and gorgeous weather.

Just the right amount of chunk to keep us grinning and the ride flowing.

Oodles of sage dripping with its own sweetious stink.

Maching through the aspens.

History lesson.

Tracks of the unseen.

Alpenglow and silence...

...only add to the enjoyment.



Dusty Uncompahgre.

Unwinding Luge.

Arcin' toward Carbon.


Chunk ho!




Mo' history.

Swoopin' through the 'S' turns.



Sunday, May 10, 2009

Just everything.

That's the most accurate answer to the question of "what's happenin'?" lately. Building heaps o' wheels, a few bikes, riding when I can squeeze it in, and camping every chance we get. Which, of course, means more riding...

And at long last it's that time of year: flower season. Here in the high desert it took a bit longer to start but it's already into a riotous full swing and will continue to climb into the high country for ~2 more months. Sah-weet.

Words could only come up short on most of these photos, so I'll let them speak for themselves. These shots cover just the last three days...

I came home from a mid-week ride determined to learn the names of at least some of the flora that had wowed me throughout the day. And some of them have actually stuck with me: Larkspur, Purple Locoweed, Penstemon, Fleabane, Tickseed, Paintbrush, Globe Mallow, Blue Bells, Claret Cups, Sego Lily, Primrose, Ephedra, Cliffrose, etc...

It doesn't take much studying to realize that just in the neighboring few miles there are more varieties than my pea brain will ever be able to understand, much less name. Nice 'problem' to have.

I think that most folks wouldn't think of these pics as having been shot in 'the desert'. Desert = barren wasteland to those that haven't come to understand it. I don't yet claim to understand it, but I have come to see it in a very different light after a decade plus embracing it. To me, now, the shots herein make it appear downright *lush*...

Fang on the prowl--no lizard nor bunny is safe from a painfully (from their perspective) pathetic chase. I think they humor him by waiting til the last second to flee...

Yes, I admit it--I'm a sucker for the ubiquitous juniper-silhouetted-against-the-sky shot, and can rarely appreciate 'em in anything other than sepia. There--I admitted it, so I'm past the denial stage...

Simply a crying shame to see oceans of virgin crust being taken over by cheat. Why wasn't Leopold able to convince the gubmint of cheat's noxiousness way back when? I think they just didn't want to listen. In a few weeks when it has gone to seed folks will have sumpin' to say about it, but then they'll forget, again, and another year will pass while it continues it's pox-like march across the continent.

Mother and son. See the resemblance?! (Hint: 'Alfalfa')

Stick your beak just shy of all the way into any of the cactus blossoms and chances are you'll be stunned at the veritable party happening inside. From aphids and ants to bumblebees and houseflies, seems like every winged critter is deep down in and gorging themselves on the pollen. I kneeled mesmerized next to several such blossoms this week, grinning vacuously as the insects went about their partying just beneath my gaze but worlds away in every sense of the phrase.

Not much else to add. Life is always very good this time of year, and this year has been a very good one thus far.

Thanks for reading and gawking.