Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yes, really.

Fang finally cashed in!

No photoshop or sleight of hand involved here--simply put, Doogan caught his first trout.

Atta boy Fang! Here's to the first of many!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Por favor?

Some of you may already know that I was nominated to the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame this year. Wahoo, eh!?

You can see the nominees and our bios HERE.

Any mountain biker worth their salt will take a quick glance at that short list and then shake their head knowingly at the steep odds I have at being voted into the hall. A-C Chausson and Nico Vouilloz are two of the most dominant racers ever to swing a leg over a bike. I read their names and I think to myself that they definitely deserve to be in the there.

When I mentioned that exact fact to one of my peers, he shared a different viewpoint:

I hope people voting are able to consider dominating riding in ALL kinds of events. I also hope they can see how nominated riders have influenced how others race their bikes and even how the events have evolved around the rider's accomplishments! ACC and NV are certainly accomplished DH racers, but is DH racing that much different now than before they competed? I think the changes in the endurance racing scene (at least the ones I see) point to someone worthy of recognition.

He makes a unique point, and one that seems particularly relevant. Do others agree?

I confess that I don't know, and I'm hardly in a position to be an impartial judge.

Anyhoo, as much as I am impressed by the palmares of my peers, I also feel that the ultra-distance facet of this great sport is woefully underrepresented in the HoF.

Please take 5 minutes to read through the bios at the link above. If, after doing so, you feel that maybe, just maybe, I have a place in the MBHoF, I'd love it if you could take action by doing two things:

1) Vote! You need to be a member of the MBHoF to do this, and voting privileges essentially cost $20. Details are HERE.

2) Tell your friends. Whether it's via email list, bongo drums, bloggage, forum linkage or secret handshake, I need all the help I can get.

*IF* you can help, PLEASE do so ASAP--ballots are already en route to current members of the HoF, and need to be returned by mail, by ~7/22--this can't all be done online!

Any and all help is appreciated. Don't hesitate with questions.

Oh yeah--and enjoy the summer!



P.S. I would be a thankless bastard if I didn't mention the efforts of Mark Stevenson and Scott Morris, both of whom volunteered significant time and energy to make the nomination happen. Chapeau to both of you.