Sunday, August 30, 2009

A rather august recipe...

Start with two overworked, underslept, and underrecreated humans.

Add one dog, two fishin' poles, a box fulla flies, and umpteen lakes, rivers, and mountains.

Stir in mid-summer flora, clear blue skies, and one metric boatload of critters.

Mix well--for two days.

Makes me hungry just thinkin' about it.

Hope you've been eating at least this well...


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Devin's day off.

I've had the pleasure of working with Devin Lenz for about 5 years, continually pushing the boundaries of 29" bike design as well as the way these bikes are ridden and, perhaps as important, the way they are perceived.

It has been a long, slow road requiring constant haranguing of other manufacturers to make the products (like rims, forks, and tires) appropriate to a 6" travel 29" bike. And both of us have spent oodles more $$$ than prudent to make it all come together.

So what? you must be asking. Or maybe you're saying, "WTF is a 29" bike?".

To both questions the answer is the same. Countless hours of passion have been poured into what was, a year ago, a revolutionary bike.

A year later it is an evolving project, always able to be improved, but needing to be ridden bunches and bunches for the improvements to make themselves obvious.

Which brings us back to *this* post. Devin took a rare day off and we met in Winter Park. And we rode.

Good times!

Devin's out front, I'm chasing with the helmet cam. If you can see my front wheel/tire, it *ain't* on the ground...



Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another one of *those* days.

Long Shanks began planning this one months in advance, and the lad must be livin' right because it couldn't have arranged itself more perfectly. From the friendly temps to the lack o' precip and hero dirt, the stars (er, moon) seemed perfectly aligned.

The light was freakin' stunning all day--able even to give a random stump near the parking lot a certain je ne sais quoi.

Life seems to be buzzing along frantically in the mountains, with every critter of every size keenly aware that we're sliding again toward darkness.

On a different day with different circumstances this derelict shack would have taken on a whole different meaning. On this day, between the 8 of us we never spied so much as a hint of a cloud, and as such had no cause to even peek inside.

Celebration Lake.

Long petals in the fore, Long Shanks out back.

Commonly known as daisies or asters, I much prefer the old-school denomination of fleabane.

B. unwinding some singlewide.

Skippy loved the views but his lungs weren't diggin' the 'tude.

The Cap'n negotiating a rare (on this ride) scree field.

Lichen the view.

What's not to like?

Fast Frank gave that climb a one-gun salute.

Cloudless, windless, but not odorless or tasteless.


Skippy on the approach to Blackhawk Pass.

Jorge stops for a pic before the climb turns serious. Good idea.

FF rounds the final switch.

Jorge earns it.

Skippy and B. slaving their way upward.

The pic isn't blurry, that's just the way Skippy saw the world all day.

All present and accounted for, sir.

Something none of us ever do enough of: Hang out up high.

Jorge had new-bike fever, and couldn't help but to blitz the descent.

Long Shanks' new bike wasn't slowing him down any, either.

B. surfing the yellow wave.

Frenetic flowers on a frenetic descent.

Skippy shows how he earned his nickname. Beats being called 'Slappy' or 'Impaled by tree-y'.

The most commonly noted alpine flora (like lupine, paintbrush, and skyrockets) had already started to fade, allowing the lesser knowns to shine.

Heading back up.

Not that I'm ever the most social bean in the bin, but on this day I frequently hung off the back and tried to sense a bit of the rhythm of the place. Sometimes stopping and savoring is required.

Mas up.

Lunch break...

...and a pretty OK spot for it.

On tap after lunch: 6 miles of descending.

Fine by us.

Jorge heeds Hermosa.

Downright refreshing after a hard day's work.

Long Shanks scoping out the next one.

Awesome day lads--thanks for having me along.



Thursday, August 6, 2009

Gracias mis amigos.

Hugemongous thanks to all of you that took the time and spent the money to place a vote. To simply have been in contention with some of the most successful and luminous athletes in the sport will have to be enough for me.

Meanwhile, life goes on, above and below.

Hope all y'all have been getting out in it.