Friday, January 22, 2010

Out with it.

There is the view that we live in difficult times.

Looking around my life, I cannot imagine how it could be much less difficult.

I work, yes. Often more than what could be considered a 'healthy' amount. I make choices, sacrifices. Just like you.

But despite that, or, perhaps, because of it, I find my life overflowing with richness. Family. Friends. Time spent outside, admiring, striving to understand, interacting with the world we are all a part of.

What am I getting at?

I have no real idea. I am just so full of life right now I can't help but to share some of it. Bursting forth, spilling over the edges, erupting even. Any explanation I attempt gets irretrievably lost, buried in an avalanche of words.

Mere words--fah. Never trusted 'em. Probably never will.

Instead, please--take 4 minutes and watch, listen, to this:


Good? Good.

I have no clear idea what the song is about (Words! Fah!). But I can sense the intense passion therein. Somehow, it fills me up. With any luck the visuals I appended to the music will have done a bit of the same for you.

That's all.