Friday, March 19, 2010

115 to go

the expanse of AK

Mike took that photo on his flight back in 2008. I zoomed waaaaay out today on the tracking map and looked in awe at the huge stretch of wilderness Mike has traversed. In Alaska. In the winter. By himself. Without so much as stepping in a building or taking a hand-out from anyone.

Pretty amazing.

He's past Elim as of this writing, and still making good headway. About 115 miles to go. His "miles per day" (average speed) has been steadily increasing, almost to 50 a day. I think there's still a very good chance he will finish by Sunday night, though the mileage suggests a more conservative estimate of early Monday.

When he can smell the fresh, cooked food available in Nome, though, I'll bet he pushes in. We'll see.

Unfortunately this will be the last update from either Jill or I for about 48 hours. Jill is participating in the White Mountains 100, a snow bike race in Fairbanks, AK. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm going bikepacking this weekend, and the high is predicted to reach 80 degrees. That's warm, even by AZ March standards.

Luckily, I think Mike would approve of both of our 'excuses' for not following along. I will check in late Sunday PM, and assuming I have functioning brain cells, will write again, hopefully with a huge congratulatory announcement (or one soon to be).

In the meantime, keep following along:

--Scott Morris


  1. I have been following the whole journey and as I watch his speed increase and Nome grow nearer, I am truly in awe. What a feat.

  2. I have been folowing too, really amazing. I can't imagine a trip like that. Great job Mike!

  3. Looks like he's up and moving 'early' today. I like how the tracker shows him walking over to the creek that's supposedly there from his tent. Wonder if he found some open water to fill up with. It's been warm out there the past few days. Here's hoping he's got firm trail and a tailwind all the way past safety and in to Nome!

  4. Congrats Mike. Big Ride. On the outskirts of Nome right now.

  5. He's IN!!! Looks like he sprinted that last mile or so! Really awesome, Mike. Congatulations!

  6. What a finish! Congratulations!