Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pixels, mostly.

The season is in full swing from a riding and bizness standpoint. Every minute of every day seems to be accounted for, even if only to watch rain dripping steadily from an eave or turning lazily and sloppily into wet snowfall.

Somebody's gotta do it...

Flowers are blooming, blossoms on trees are fading, soon to be replaced by fruit. The world is green, except where it isn't, and around here that's where we put the tires, which is what puts grins on our faces.

As always, words can't quite paint the picture quite the way a million-plus pixels can.

So, here:


Ah. Si.

Good weekend.



  1. Great video, nice riding and love the dog. May I ask what camera you use? Still and video? And how did you mount it? Thanks. Looked great!

  2. came to your page by a link from a German forum and really liked your footage ;-) great pics and videos, just beautiful...

    by the way: there is some crazy german mountainbiker crossing the rockies. he just started near tucson and will make his way up to Canada. He normally does live reports from the trails (won't work in the rockies)... check just for an first impression:

    he has also met Scott and got some GPS files for his Arizona trail route...

  3. Mikey: Are you [I]really [/I]acrophobic? Maybe it's okay so long as fire towers aren't involved;)

  4. sweet dude, what's the new helmet cam setup?