Sunday, July 25, 2010

Down time.

Last week I found myself in temporary possession of not one, not two, but three LenzSport PBJ downhill bikes. Scott, Skippy and I managed to sneak away from the oppressive local heat and stuck-in-the-80's local trails for a few hours of riding up at Winter Park.

And it was *good*!

Neither Skippy nor I had had a 'fix' since last September in Whistler. Somehow, Skippy did what he always seems to do: Hopped onto a never-before-ridden demo bike and proceeded to rip the hill a new one.

To my knowledge, this was Scott's first real bike park experience. It was fun to watch (and hear) him adapt and learn, and by the end of the day he was popping the lips, carving the berms, and manualing through chunk like, well, like he was on a DH bike!

We all had our moments of panic, usually following and followed by some relative moments of brilliance.

Say what you will about riding lifts and skipping the uphill--I say the same! But it cannot be argued that riding in the park is the fastest way possible to up your skill level. A few times a summer it's just what the good doctor ordered. Not to mention that it's so much ding dang fun!

In our brief time there the trail crews roughed in and opened a few more short sections of track. We were impressed with the foresight and skill shown by these crews--they may not get things exactly right the first time, every time, but they come damn close, and they're always willing to tune and tweak as much as needed to get every line dialed.

Chapeau, gents, we enjoyed your trails and can't wait to get back up.



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  1. Finally got to view the vid. Funny how I remember each and every one of the jumps/moves... which ones to 'worry' about, even how smooth the landings were (for me).

    Thanks again for setting me up for a fun couple of days. Looking forward to more, and to hearing about the Whizzy trip.